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 EVDC documents are under review and revision. Should any discrepancy occur with statements in any document, the latest version of the by-laws supersedes any other document.

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Constitution and Bylaws revised and voted on May 18th, 2017

The EVDC is a non-profit educational organisation whose objectives are the advancement of veterinary dentistry, odonto-stomatology and oral surgery. Its members are highly trained specialists in the field of veterinary dentistry and are dedicated to helping improve animal’s health and disseminating dentistry knowledge to other vets and to the public.

In essence Diplomates of the EVDC have gone far beyond the level of dentistry found in most veterinary practices. Veterinary surgeons when confronted with a complex dentistry case will often refer the case to a Diplomate for assistance in providing care. Complicated extractions, root canal treatment, fractured teeth, tumours of the oral cavity, facial trauma, crowns or orthodontic treatment are all the sort of cases that Diplomates deal with on a regular basis. The fact that a veterinary surgeon refers a case to an acknowledged expert indicates that the veterinary surgeon is wanting to achieve the best possible care for the patient. This is a tribute to their dedication – it reflects well on their professionalism.

The EVDC fulfils its aims through:
· The development of postgraduate teaching programmes
· Defining and describing the veterinary dental specialty and its sub disciplines
· Defining the standard of qualifications for veterinary dental specialists
· Certifying member veterinarians satisfying those requirements as specialists
· The supervision of the professional activities of its members
· The encouragement of its members to pursue original investigations
· The encouragement of its members to contribute to the veterinary literature
· Promoting co-operation between national and international veterinary dental groups
· Promoting co-operation between veterinary dental and other organizations

To locate the nearest European specialist in veterinary dentistry (Dip.EVDC)  – click here.

To discover more about training to become a specialist  – click here.

The EVDC is composed of members designated as “Diplomates” and “Honorary Members”. Current, active Diplomates, who demonstrate that they are maintaining an advanced level of commitment, clinical activity and knowledge in the field of veterinary dentistry, odonto-stomatology and oral surgery, are registered by the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation which awards them the title of European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry.

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The European Veterinary Dental College is incorporated under the laws of the United Kingdom as a non-profit educational organisation as detailed here:
European Veterinary Dental College Limited
Registration number : 06950998
Registered office address : 82B High Street
CB22 3HJ